Reiki By April

My Story

Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is April, I'm a Reiki Master, an Intuitive Reader, and the author of "Awaken Your Intuitive Intelligence". 


I have spent the last decade creating energetic clearing techniques that help my clients grow energetically, intuitively, and spiritually. I am most passionate about helping my clients to discover their intuitive abilities.


My mission is to empower people to find the answers within themselves and to confidently act on their intuitive hits.

I love Reiki because it connects us to higher vibrational energy, balances our energetic system, and creates a supportive space to listen to our intuition. 


In my intuitive readings, I read my clients current energies, intuitive gifts, life purpose, lineage, soul contract, relationships, and chakra blueprint. 

I have found that complimenting Reiki with Readings accelerates my clients intuitive development, clarity, and understanding of their higher self. When we are in alignment in this way, the possibilities are endless.